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Al Falah Defined

The FALCON BIRD is said to be the “Hunting Dog of the Skies”; the national bird of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and several other countries that recognize the significance of falconry in their tradition and culture. A most precious creature that man considered as a symbol of force and courage provides assistance to man in an environ- mentally friendly way. Trained Falcon birds are excellent to use since this class is one of the most dreaded predators in the avian world. These Royal Hunters used as a scare weapon to other unwanted birds in the hospital, farms, vineyards, orchards, golf courses and especially in the airports; the falcons uses as a means of controlling the local bird population…Read more.


Al Falah Security Services (AFSS) is committed to provide a professional security team and provide solutions that will reduce the loss in your organization; we develop solutions that focus on ensuring business continuity. Minimizing the physical risks to your employees and assets are top priority and will feature high in any solution we provide. We carry out extensive risk assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses of assets and advice on adequate security arrangements that we feel are appropriate to any circumstances.


We are committed to the ongoing improvement of the services we provide to our clients. By investing in and developing our most important assets, our staff, we aim to achieve all our goals and exceed our clients’ expectations. Through our commitment to high standards it is our vision to earn the trust of our clients by delivering the best quality security services within the UAE.


To be your long term and strategic security partner in providing protection by utilizing new and advance technologies and highly trained professionals, ensuring your peace of mind.

Core value​

Integrity of our name and service Return of investment Advancement in Protection sector and in al aspect of the business Responsible and Committed to our clients and employees.

Guarding Solutions​

Site & Static Guarding

We provide security guards to constructions sites to ensure access control and general safety to the site assets and employees these guards can be assisted by K9 handlers (Patrol Dogs).

Real Estate Security

Our estate guards provide access control, perimeter patrols and patrol area between houses. Depending on the size of the estate, they make use of bicycles, golf cars, quad bikes or motorcycles

Command & Control Centre

Al Falah Security services have a state of the art 24 hours a day operations center. The center hosts camera, intruder and fire alarm monitoring. Our Operations center is supported by engineers and technicians who are on 24 hour standby for any emergency. All our security guards are directly linked/in contact and monitored by the operations center and its personnel.

Retail Security

We provide security guards for deployment at a variety of shopping and leisure venues. Our guards operate all electronic systems such as CCTV cameras, access control equipment and control rooms. In addition we monitor the fire safety systems and our staff are well trained in firefighting and fire prevention.

Critical Infrastructure

We provide security guards to sites of critical UAE national importance, including ports and oil & gas, ensuring access control and general safety to the site, assets and employees. These guards can be assisted by K9 handlers (Patrol Dogs).

CIT Transport of Valuable Documents and Assets

A corporate service to customers who have valuable documents, sensitive information, cash or commodities that need securely transporting. Specialized training is given to these guards, including high speed driving and close combat.

Government Security

Al Falah Security Services proud to supply a guarding service to a number of UAE government offices, including the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior.

Embassy Security

Al Falah supply guarding services to a number of international embassies, they present the face of the UAE, keeping foreign dignitaries and nationals safe.

Safety and Security Surveillance Equipment

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff are able to perform site surveys and security audits, making recommendations for the installation of safety and security equipment, such as CCTV, electronic access, time monitoring, fire protection, blast and bullet resistant glass, PIR (motion) sensors, personal attack alarms and vehicle barriers.

Event Security

We can plan your event security from the foundation and planning stages, working closely with all parties to deliver any event. Our specially trained and fully licensed security personnel are able to deal with any situation or event and we place the greatest emphasis on public relations, helping to deliver a safe, secure and enjoyable experience.

Hospital Security

Our guards provide static, perimeter and mobile patrols, protecting property, information and people. The guards are trained in firefighting and emergency evacuation procedures for hospitals. Should any event occur, they are trained to assist in medical emergencies until suitably trained personnel arrive at the scene.

Hotel Security

Our guards provide static, perimeter and mobile patrols, protecting property, information and people. The guards are trained in firefighting, first aid and emergency evacuation procedures for hotels. We place the greatest emphasis on customer service, assisting hotels in giving their guests a premier experience.

Banking Security

Our guards provide a static security service, protecting property, information and people. The guards are trained to monitor the behavior of persons entering financial institutions, looking for overly suspicious activity, which might be deemed a threat. Our guards are the first line in defense and customer service.

Key Holding

Al Falah guarding specializes in the after-hours safe keeping of keys for business premises, including a lock and unlock service, maintaining a high level of safety for the employees as well as the company assets. By holding the keys we supply an after-hours response and investigation to activated intruder alarms.

Life Guarding

Our life saving team is proud to hold an internationally recognized award, holding daily fitness and training exercises, ensuring the highest possible standards. The life guards are training in both pool and open water swimming and advanced first aid.

Our Major Clients

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