Project Development, Risk Management and Site Surveys

Successful site security design is challenging. In part, this is because key phases – e.g. risk assessments, design concepts, funding and construction, can be undertaken by different partners over a long period of time. Moreover, necessary countermeasures are often resource intensive, decision making may be fraught with emotional context, and multiple project purposes may be hard to reconcile.

A careful and calculated process ensures that security concerns receive early and informed consideration and are integrated throughout planning, design, and construction. Such a process puts the project team in a strong position to achieve effective risk reduction, while meeting budget, schedule, and public space design objectives.

Effective site security design addresses the underlying principles that guide every security design project and the elements and tools available to the designer.

The hallmarks that must form the foundation of a successful and well-balanced security project:

  • Strategic Reduction of Risk
  • Comprehensive Site Design
  • Collaborative Participation
  • Long-Term Development Strategy

At Al Falah our experienced security management would be responsible at every stage of the project development process, considering and identifying risks, operational requirements, and local impacts, to balance safety with cost, aesthetics, public use, and accessibility. We bring our unique technical skills, perspectives, and interests to the table, enabling you to understand each of the hallmarks and our role in achieving them.

We have an extensive and varied history of risk management, conflict resolution and creating risk assessments and security designs for major sporting venues, large scale public events, Embassies and government agencies. We understand not only what the client wants and needs, but how to go about bringing that shared security vision together, promoting your company in the best possible light.